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Taking Digital Nomads Around The World And More: What The Harbin Protocol Can Give

The growing number of remote workers, most if not all can opt to become digital nomads, pushes the boundaries of traditional travel and leisure.

The Harbin Protocol offers a hybrid “work and life” balance in the international scene

Knowing the Harbin Protocol

The utilization of digital money in the travel industry has been one of the newest trends since the inception of the blockchain-powered solutions. Harbin is an ecosystem, a community in itself that caters to the needs of traveling crypto investors and the itinerant digital nomads. It becomes the payment gateway, and in the simplest terms, takes the place of the bank by converting fiat monies and crypto currency into the tokens in real time — taking away clearing periods and the inconvenient wait times.

Digital nomads are individuals who have a career or job that allows them to work literally anywhere in the world. Relying in the technology of blockchain, Harbin gives them the avenue to live and sustain the travel lifestyle they want – where they want it. The exclusive Harbin Protocol membership provides subscriptions which open up access to VIP reservations, accommodations, flights, travel, and related services.

This travel community is also partnered with dining establishments, retail stores, and other amenities for personal and essential care.

Additionally, Harbin is also a platform for buying, selling, and trading crypto coins and tokens.

Resurgence of Tourism and Travel: Post-Pandemic Movement

According to studies, the numbers of remote workers or digital nomads rose to almost 50% compared to the previous year. This is just the United States market alone. “The Future of Work is Anywhere” is not just a tagline, but is already becoming a reality. With this rising market, digital nomads could encounter problems such as uncertainty in accommodations, impractical deals and packages, restricted choices and options, insufficient support system and customer service, and limited rewards and incentives. The Harbin Protocol

Harbin has done its homework in solving these challenges. The community’s one-stop concierge delivers excellent customer service that will map out all the necessary travel items in order for the members to enjoy and focus on their experience.

Upon signing up, these individuals have exclusive access to systematically organized packages that give the best value throughout their membership. Harbin’s direct and special access to different leading hotels and accommodations offers discounted prices as well. In terms of finding and discovering the best place to stay and work, Harbin ensures that their clients have the best options since this crypto community has partnered with first-class resorts to provide ideal locations for working efficiently and productively. One of the best features and benefits of being a member of the Harbin, is to be in a community that offers exclusive events and opportunities within the ecosystem.

Lastly, the decentralized system of Harbin will open a new avenue to earn as associates buy, sell, and hold Harbin coins (HBC).

Harbin understands what Digital Nomads need: Work x Play. The work and lifestyle balance can be definitely achieved through the curated or DIY packages offered by the community. Join our community and open up a world of possibilities with the lifestyle you want, enjoying first class amenities in your ideal travel destination.

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