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The Harbin Nation Is Here!

Break free from convention. Live outside the box. Work from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the freedom to go beyond the boundaries of your office and travel to your dream destination.

The Future is Digital. Digital Nomads, meet Harbin.

Harbin is an exclusive web3 community of digital nomads, tech founders and crypto traders. It uses an exclusive decentralized financial (defi) ecosystem which makes it more convenient for its members to enjoy the travel and lifestyle that they want using private and secure transactions on blockchain technology for travel, dining, retail, and other personal services.

The Harbin Protocol seeks to address these perceived challenges:

Uncertainty in accommodations Harbin’s One-Stop Concierge provides top-tier customer service and will handle all the planning and logistics for all members to focus on their experience.

Overpriced packages

Members have exclusive access to curated packages which provide the best value all-year-round. Harbin provides access to hotel prices that are on average 20% below industry standards, reaching savings of up to 60% in some instances. No middleman, and no third-party extra charge/fee guaranteed.

Limited options

Harbin has partnered with best-in-class resort destinations to provide optimum environments for work and play; Members may travel as frequently as they like with flexible monthly subscription which include nightly rates, taxes, and fees

Lack of Community

Digital Nomads can create connections through Harbin events and other related opportunities.

Untapped benefits

Customers maximize their travel by getting rewarded whenever they use Harbin. Holding HBCs can get them dividends.

Typically, around 66% of Digital Nomads stay at a single destination between 3 to 6 months on average, with 3 months being the sweet spot.

Over the next 2 to 3 years, 24 million individuals plan on becoming digital nomads.

41 million individuals said “maybe” — this is a 20% increase in the USA alone.

As the world transitions to Web 3.0, Harbin makes it more convenient for Digital Nomads to adapt as it provides the utility token, HarbinCoin (HBC) and the ecosystem to achieve a blockchain-empowered lifestyle — allowing them to live the travel lifestyle they want, where they want it.

Things are moving and changing pretty fast these days. You can either wait for things to happen, or you can make things happen. Break free from the four corners of your office (or living room!) and live/work from your ideal destination.

Be part of the Harbin Nation today.

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