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Digital Nomad Starter Pack: Achieving Work And Lifestyle Balance

The realm of the digital workforce is a rising lifestyle. However, adjusting to this way of life is not an overnight feat.

Digital Nomads are remote workers who are earning a living by working online while living and staying in various locations around the world, usually based on preference.

Many might think that the operative phrases: “being professional all the time and everywhere”, and “having a stable internet connection and a VPN”, are the only parameters at play here.

However, other than reliable online access and being true to your profession and career, there are some vital items to consider in order to have a productive and enjoyable career as a digital nomad:

Make sure you have the right gadgets and tools – if your company provides your gears and devices, then most probably you will encounter less issues along the way. However, if you are a freelance remote worker, investing in these items is certainly a worthwhile prerogative. Ensure you have a flowing line up of compensating works and tasks ahead (security of income) – The aim here is not just to survive, but to thrive wherever you stay. Unless you have extremely loving relatives or friends around a location, it is always better to have a good cash flow and try to be independent by planning for contingencies. Choose the right banks and best financial institutions – Centralized banking and financial institutions may not be that “centralized” after all. However, before embarking on a new journey and location, do some research to check if banks work well in a specific place. Facing this problem, some travel agencies have made a bold move to adapt a decentralized financial system as they offer their services.

Getting travel and medical insurance is a wise move for a digital nomad – Though you have a steady flow of income, a hectic work schedule may take its toll on your health. Securing health and travel coverage can be a practical move than paying related services using your hard-earned money.

Take your time. Do not rush – You can't hurry perfection they say, and that also applies to how you would enjoy your journey as a digital nomad. Spending at least two to three months in a location can broaden your horizon as you climb the career ladder. Knowing a place’s culture and history can add some zest to your overall experience. Looking for a perfect travel and accommodation package can be a practical choice for a long-term stay.

Extend yourself to the locals and to the common people around you – one of the best reasons to take it slow is to connect with other people within the place. Aside from improving interaction skills, this will enhance your professional network.

Lastly, secure a community that caters to digital nomads – No man is an island. Reaching out to individuals with the same intentions can keep you safe and productive wherever you go. An interactive online community for remote workers and digital nomads is a must for some obvious reasons.

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